About Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland


Formerly known as Childcare Queensland, Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland (ACA Qld) is a not-for-profit, member-funded organisation representing early learning services in Queensland.


ACA Qld advocates for the interests of children and families and works on behalf of long day care service owners and operators to ensure that families across Queensland have access to quality, affordable and accessible long day care.


The association has existed in various forms for more than 30 years and is run by a Management Committee. The Management Committee consists of owners, operators and managers of early learning services who have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of early childhood education, training, and management.


ACA Qld works with members, state and federal governments, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders to ensure that the industry adopts a coordinated approach that delivers the best outcomes for children, families and long day care providers.


ACA Qld is committed to providing its members with a strong, positive and proactive voice.


ACA Qld believes in quality early childhood practices and is committed to the continuous improvement of the long day care sector.


Postal Address: PO Box 137, Springwood QLD 4127

Office Address: Unit 11/6 Vanessa Blvd, Springwood QLD 4127

Phone: 07 3808 2366

Fax: 07 3808 2466

Website: www.qld.childcarealliance.org.au

Email: qld@childcarealliance.org.au