Reasons Why We Should Nurture and Respect Younger Educators

Written by Karla, CAECE Senior Trainer & Assessor


Open your mind to the possibilities of learning something new from a younger person!


During my time in the fabulous sector of Early Childhood Education and Care, there has been one recurring issue that I have been hearing about. It is the way our fresh, new trainees or the youngest of young educators are perceived by older more experienced staff. Comments such as "not experienced enough to be left to do certain tasks", "too young to be included in some conversations/planning" or "the inexperienced are too young to have innovative new ideas to contribute to the team" are often heard in early learning centres.


This often leaves these staff members feeling unworthy or even less important; on some occasions wanting to leave altogether and seek a new industry to work. I personally do not want this to be the case but rather nurture and make those young educators leaders of the future and valued as a contributing team member.


In the future, when handing over more responsibilities to these educators, we can feel proud of who they have become and confident when left with the role at hand. Experienced educators are the backbone of our sector; however, when hiring young educators, it is important to treat everyone as valued contributing team members and acknowledge what they can all bring to the workplace.


Just as our Approved Learning Frameworks is there to guide practices to meet the needs of children, we can also use these principles when working with each other.


1. Passionate about work

Young educators are much more active and vigorous when compared to some experienced employees. They can also play and keep up with the children in their centre nearly all day! BONUS


2. Optimists

The young generation develops a positive attitude towards work. They want to build healthy relations with the team to learn and understand about his/her job. All they would require is thorough inductions, orientations and mentoring support.


3. Easy to manage

It is easy to manage young employees because their attitude towards their job is sincere and are always willing to work extra hours.


4. Generates new initiatives and versatility

Young employees have fresh knowledge and are all up to date with the latest technology and strategies. With technology changing in the workplace, they have acquired these skills already and therefore, can support other staff who may be less experienced.


5. Recreates workplace environment

A new generation could see their workplace environment as refreshing and inspiring.


6. Cost to the company is low

Government incentives are in place to hire trainees and develop their skills to further their career.


7. They adapt easily

Last but not least, they can learn things easily and adapt to the nature of the job within no time. Their enthusiasm to learn is much higher compared to those more experienced.


Keep things fun and hire them young!