Shout it out LOUD...if you are an Early Childhood Extraordinaire!

Written by Karla, CAECE Senior Trainer & Assessor


If I had a dollar for the number of times, I am asked what I do for a job - and once I say I'm in the early childhood sector I get a few replies.


"Oh no, I don't know how you do that all day. Running around with all those children, stopping them from hurting themselves and each other, changing nappies and cleaning up after them. I've even heard people say "You're just baby sitters". Oh, my goodness.


In the light of it being Early Childhood Educators' Day today, Wednesday 2 September - Thanks ACA Qld...I'd like to describe the types of people that do this job and their job tasks each day, for a wage/salary but actually for the LOVE of it.


For all ECEC sector employees reading this, please be proud of who you are and what you do!!!


I say SHOUT IT OUT LOUD and be extremely proud. This country wouldn't run without your amazing work.




  1. Patience - This is the most important as children are not adults and process things differently than adults so the gaps need to be bridged between what you know and what they understand, this can be frustrating. You have to repeat yourself a lot and explain a lot. Often you are dealing with distractions and focus grabbers. You need a deep well of patience to keep you from becoming frustrated, am I right? Educators also understand that children have a reason to be childlike - they are children, unlike adults who are fully grown yet still age like a 4-year-old. Oh, dear.

  2. The ability to hide frustration or annoyance - Children pick up on the slightest shift in your emotional demeanour. So it is important to learn how to hide your tiredness, frustration, so you can stay happy all the time. It is okay to let a child know when you are unhappy with him or her when they aren't making the right choices. ECEC educators are experts at hiding boredom, exhaustions, and frustration.

  3. Keeping calm in an emergency - Children freak out when adults freak out, this can make a very stressful situation. Educators can keep their cool when things turn crazy, even if your heart is pounding and things around you are chaotic. Working with children especially a large group means maintaining a calm presence when things are overwhelming - children look to you for how to act and deal with everything. Isn't this the truth.

  4. Communication - Professional educators know it's not necessary to "dumb down" information but rather use age-appropriate examples through stories and talking about situations to relate is the way educators teach new skills and explain new concepts.

  5. Enthusiasm - Educators enjoy spending time with children and children learn from them due to the enthusiasm for the things you are teaching. Children don't take to talking with anyone who has a frown - so turn it upside down.


LOVE LOVE LOVE and a whole lot of flexibility.


Job Descriptor of all the roles/hats you wear.

To name a few.


I hope you have enjoyed being reminded of who you are and what you do, day in and day out. The world is a better place with you in it.

Happy Early Childhood Educators' Day 2020!