Miss Karla is the best trainer I have ever had for the last 3 years. I love her passion for helping students to get through the hardest part of the modules.

- Ofel, CAECE Graduate - Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care


You will receive the most supportive guidance you need and your trainer will be with you for the whole journey. They will all provide you with an individual study pathway catered to your needs! Best team ever!

- Anonymous


We only use CAECE for educators learning as I have found them to be very supportive of educators. Their process ensures that educators are learning what they need to know. This assures our service that our educators are well trained and perform well on the job.

- Catherine Morato - My Cubby House Early Learning


Our service has had several educators study through CAECE over the last few years and we have always found them to be an open and dependable training organisation. They have always been available to answer educators' questions and the one on one support that they give each student is second to none.

- Lisa Taskov - Petrie Kids Korner Kindergarten


Karla is an amazing trainer to have, she inspired me in so many ways. I can now put the knowledge she taught me into everyday practice. I can't thank you enough Karla for helping me over the last 2 years.

- Anonymous


Thank you to all of the team! I have had such a wonderful experience with your training organisation and the support given to me was fantastic! Thank you!

- Anonymous


Thank you all for your amazing support! It was a pleasure to be with you guys through this learning journey!!

- Anonymous


The support, guidance and motivation that our educators receive from their trainers are outstanding. A huge thank you goes out to Karla from CAECE for her unwavering support, advice, mentoring and guidance with our students.

- Little Bunya's Early Childhood Centre of Excellence


Having Karla as a trainer alongside all of the CAECE team was such a pleasure and positive time in my life. Thank you all, you're amazing!

- Anonymous


Thank you so much, Karla, for helping me and encouraging me to learn more and work hard!

- Anonymous


Best trainers! Hats off to Sonja!

- Anonymous


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for Karla, who is from one of the most amazing RTOs we have ever partnered with. Karla has consistently proven that she has the ability to encourage our students to achieve the best they can while supporting and guiding their professional journey. Karla is always positive, caring and respectful and has gone above and beyond to participate in professional conversations with me as a Director. She has been thoughtful enough to send me relevant information and points of interest that are outside her scope of the role of the RTO. We just wanted to give her the 'SHOUT OUT' she deserves.

- Samantha and the Okeedokee Coomera Rivers Team