Meet the Team

Amanda Walker - Training Operations Manager

Amanda has worked in early childhood since 1999, starting her career as a trainee. She has worked in all aspects of early childhood and worked her way up to area manager and then branched off into training in 2012. From Amanda's very first experience as a student, she knew training is where she wanted to end up. Amanda says she was very fortnate to have two very inspiring and passionate trainers who encouraged her love of learning.


Amanda has spent the last 8 years learning all about the different aspects of training and assessing. During this time, she has worked as a face to face trainer, online trainer, workplace training and assessing, compliance and department manager. Amanda says these opportunities have helped her to understand the vast world of training. Amanda has recently completed a Diploma of Leadership and Management and a Diploma of Quality Auditing. She says this experience took her back to the world of the student and helped her bring the focus of training and assessing back on the journey of the student.


As the Training Operations Manager at CAECE, Amanda's focus is to make the learning journey for the student the best possible experience and to ensure each of our graduates are knowledgable and ready to meet the needs of the sector.


Karla Mooney - Senior Trainer & Assessor

Karla has over 18 years’ experience in the early learning sector and has worked in long day care, starting as a Float Assistant Educator/Cook and Lead Educator through to Nominated Supervisor. Karla has also enjoyed her previous roles as a Primary Teacher Aid working with special needs children and Assistant Coordinator for Before and After School Care/Vacation Care. Having worked through each role in her career, enables Karla to have a unique perspective and be very in touch with all of her students' study journey.


Karla’s role as a Senior Family Day Care Scheme Coordinator involved, managing a team of coordinators, and 120 CALD educators. Also, providing inhouse professional development training and compliance, modifying her training to be culturally appropriate and relevant for this cohort. 


Karla’s vocational training began as she became excited about sharing her experiences for providing quality training, and industry practice, to students to enable them to provide quality care and education for children. This training has included distance/ face-to-face support training for Teacher Aides in Central Qld for Cert III and Cert IV, also students in long day care, OSHC, and Family Day Care completing their Cert III and Diploma.


Karla holds the following qualifications:

Karla has a strong belief in maintaining currency in all of her qualifications and also attends regular industry-relevant professional development. 


Karla is studying a Diploma of Counselling which will develop into a Bachelor of Counselling , specialising in Childhood Development and Parenting.


Lainie Randell - Trainer & Assessor

Lainie has over 15 years’ experience working across the Early Childhood, School Aged Care and Disability sectors. She has a passion for supporting children’s learning in the early years by engaging them in their community and environment.


Lainie’s VET journey began in 2010 when she saw the need to provide early childhood educators with individualised support and guidance in order for them to gain the most benefit from the learning they are engaging in.


Lainie holds a Diploma of Community Services (Children’s Services), Certificate III in OOSH (Child Studies) and Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. To maintain her knowledge of current industry practices Lainie is continuing to participate in professional development activities. 


Susan Bryant - Trainer & Assessor

When it was time to leave school Susan was determined to begin her early childhood journey as she always knew the early childhood sector was the right choice for her. Susan has worked in a range of service types including pre-schools, long day care and the family day care co-ordination unit. 10 years ago Susan began her journey in the Trainer and Assessor world when she recognised a need for educators to meet the qualification requirements (minimum Certificate III level).


Since that time, Susan has thoroughly enjoyed her time training and helping students achieve their dreams with a passion for learners with learning difficulties, English as a second language and RPL.


Susan's qualifications include, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Bachelor of Early Childhood (0-5 years), Diploma of Early Childhood and Certificate IV in Community Services.


Sonja Hartley - Trainer & Assessor

Sonja comes to CAECE with over twenty-five years’ experience working in the early childhood industry.  This includes ten years in long day care centres working in different roles, preschool teaching in an independent school, and as a coordinator in a family day care scheme. 


In the past two and a half years, Sonja has moved into the training industry where she has enjoyed working with students and sharing her passion for social and emotional well-being in children. 


Sonja holds a Certificate in Understanding Children, Associate Diploma in Social Science, Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  Recently Sonja has also completed the current Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, to ensure she is up to date with industry standards.


Kellie Saville - Trainer & Assessor

Kellie has over twenty-five years' experience in Education and Care Services / Long Day Care Services and has worked as an assistant, Lead Educator, Educational Leader, Director, Nominated Supervisor and supported services as an inclusion Support Facilitator.


Kellie holds a Certificate III, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Children's Services where she first became involved in training and assessing which she then moved roles to RTO with 5 years' experience. Kellie was encouraged to join an RTO as a casual teacher and continued with some rewarding projects and resource development including workshop delivery related to inclusion, cultural competence, as well as RTO experience in face to face delivery, external delivery and online training for students studying Community Services.


Kellie undertook her Bachelor of Education and continued as an Early Childhood Teacher and Nominated Supervisor whilst also gaining experience teaching Early Childhood Primary students before returning to VET with CAECE in January 2019.


Kellie enjoys the opportunity to mentor and support students in their workplace training resulting in students succeeding with their Certificate III and Diploma. Her current industry practice is maintained by remaining connected to an ECEC service and its ongoing operation with engagement in professional development opportunitites. Kellie is very passionate about her role and influence she has as an educator with children and their families during the early years of a child's life.


Lauren Turrell - Trainer & Assessor

Lauren has over 13 years' experience in the early learning sector and has worked in Long Day Care Centres, Kindergartens and Primary Schools as a Lead Educator and Teacher. Since completing her Bachelor after high school, Lauren travelled overseas working in centres and schools learning about different cultures and new teaching techniques. Lauren is passionate about providing children with genuine social and emotional support throughout their early years and making play and learning fun and engaging for all.


Lauren has been working in vocational training for two years, wanting to share her enthusiasm for quality care and education with her students while also being a caring and supportive trainer.


Lauren holds a Bachelor in Learning Design specialising in Early Childhood and Certificate IV in Training and Assessing.


Meaghan Westwood - Trainer & Assessor

Meaghan has over 33 years experience in the early learning sector and has worked in Occasional Care, Long Day Care and previous training roles and is also a certified Life Transformation Coach.


Meaghan started in the industry doing work experience in high school and when she graduated, started work the next week in childcare. She then worked her way up the ranks to become Centre Manager and after 22 years moved into the training sector for the next 9 years. She then returned to the industry in 2016 in a Centre Manager role and realised her passion lies with training.


Meaghan has the following qualifications:



Meaghan loves the opportunity to support and mentor her students and work with them to successfully achieve their goals. She believes educators can make a significant difference in the lives of children by equiping them with the knowledge and skills to develop their social and emotional growth as well as their academic accomplishments to be successful. Meaghan loves buildng relationships with her students and understands the importance of sharing her passion and love for children with her students.




Islay Macmichael - CAECE Admin

Islay has worked in the Vocational Training Industry for the past 5 years. Specialising in a wide variety of training from Tradies, Business Students and now Early Childhood Educators! Working closely with students to ensure their study journey is an enjoyable experience from start to finish!


She brings with her over 20 years of Customer Service and Administration skills from years working as Travel Co-ordinator, 7 years of which was in London and Edinburgh.




Lekia Doherty - CAECE Trainee Adminstration Assistant

CAECE's newest administrative trainee Lekia, has over 5 years' experience in a customer service, sales and team orientated environments. Coming from an administrative sales role, Lekia understands how important it is to ensure customers get the right experience. Whether that be online, via email, phone or in person she is dedicated to ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience.


Despite being new to the early childhood and training sectors, Lekia is eager to learn and understand everything there is to know about each of the sectors. She enjoys being given the opportunity to interact and help others no matter how little or big the task maybe.